We read daily in the games and technology press of the potential opportunities in China, we look enviously at the large domestic market but nothing prepares you for the excitement of being in Shanghai for a few days.

Ediedo participated in a UK trade mission to Shanghai in July 2015. As the first public activity of the new company this set the tone perfectly for our ambition. There is immense opportunity for collaboration and extending relationships beyond the simple licensed model that has been prevalent to date.

Several themes were consistent through our conversations but what resonated most was a desire to create new game IP. China with its relatively new games industry has yet to develop properties that transcend gaming or extend meaningfully beyond the nations boundaries. There is great emphasis being placed on maximising the distribution channels to create critical mass hence, let's not just produce the game but produce the comic and animated series alongside. Trans-media is alive and kicking in China.

It's perhaps unfair to focus on this single yet oft repeated strategy but it's a perfect example of how the experience that a more mature games market can bring to a partnership. Strong characters, player motivations, emotional reactions are at the heart of many of the simplest titles. I look forward to exploring these areas with Chinese partners as we strive to find content that spans our audiences. Even if the conclusion (as history may suggest) is that we don't crack the fabled global game we've many things to mutually learn that can be transferred into improving our domestic games.

It's an area we will specialise in. We've over 20 years of experience of working with major Asian developers and publishers.

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